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Nov. 3, 2022

Out of tragedy, light can shine and we were recently blessed with three boxes full of supplies for small children who may come into contact with our deputies as a victim of a crime.

The boxes were born from the personal tragedy Kirsten Bridegan, of St. Augustine, suffered with the murder of her husband Jared on a road in Jacksonville Beach earlier this year while her daughter, Bexley, was left in the car.

Officers with the police department gave Bexley a blanket, but Kirsten in her haste to reunite with Bexley and find out what happened didn't think to bring a diapers, toys or snacks while she went through the long process of interviews and finding out information about her husband's murder.

Now Kirsten sees a need to help law enforcement agencies like ours with a box of supplies for small children. We were beyond amazed to see these three super cute and useful boxes come into our agency earlier this week accompanied by Kirsten, Bexley, her little sister London and several friends.

Each box has a supply of different size diapers, powdered formula, snacks, activities and stuffed animals - all approved by Bexley and London. Some of our deputies and victim advocates, including therapy dog Bailey were on hand to meet Kirsten and her family. The boxes were delivered to our detective division where our victim advocates have their office, the West district office in Interlachen and the Crescent City office.

Our hearts are with Kirsten as she continues to seek justice for her husband, whose murder has not been solved. We are very appreciative and grateful of her generosity and her mission to help our youngest and most fragile victims during their time of need.

Please join us in sharing her story. #bexleybox #justiceforjaredb

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