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Major Johnny Greenwood


As Director of Administrative Services, Major Greenwood oversees the Human Resource division, fleet/supply, information technology, judicial security at the Putnam County Courthouse, the 911 Communications department and is the custodian of records for the agency.

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Office of Professional Standards

Encompasses Accreditation, Internal Affairs, Human Resources, Background Investigations, and Training.

The communications center is staffed 24 hours a day and is the hub of all emergency communications activity for Putnam County.

Judicial Security

Provides for the security of the Putnam County Courthouse as well as the safety of Judges, members of the jury and the residents conducting business. Provides bailiffs in courthouse.

The sheriff's office is responsible for recording and maintaining agency generated incident reports, arrests in Putnam County, background checks, calls for service and uniformed crime reporting. The respond to public records requests.

Looking for a rewarding career helping others? The sheriff's office is looking for candidates who are honest, have integrity and a desire to serve others.

Warrant Section

Enters and removes arrest warrants which have been obtained by deputies and officers of the municipal police departments within Putnam County

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