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Drug and Vice Unit

The Drug and Vice Unit is primarily responsible for the enforcement of narcotics and other vice-related crimes such as illicit sex trade and firearms violations. The unit is comprised of Major Case, Street Crimes Unit and Clandestine Lab Unit components.


The Major Case Component is staffed by a full-time team of specially trained and equipped undercover detectives who investigate long-term and complex cases consisting of prolific drug violators and drug trafficking organizations. Drug and Vice Detectives are assigned to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Tri-County Taskforce and the United Stated Drug Enforcement Administration Counter-Drug Taskforce. Members of the unit have worked on cases with national drug trafficking implications.


The Street Crimes Unit is the uniformed arm of The Sheriff’s effort to rid the neighborhoods of Putnam County of drugs and other quality of life issues. This team of proactive Deputy Sheriffs works in conjunction with the Major Case Component of the Drug and Vice Unit and the K-9 Unit to target low to mid-level drug and other vice violators. The Street Crimes Unit is also charged with the responsibility of fugitive apprehension.

The Clandestine Lab Unit responds to dangerous incidents of drug manufacturing in what are often makeshift clandestine labs. These incidents most often involve the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine but can involve the production of other illegal drugs. These incidents require highly advanced training and protective equipment. The Sheriff’s Office operates the only team in Putnam County. The team, which is regionally qualified to handle, neutralize and store the highly caustic and volatile components of clandestine labs often assists other agencies when the need arises.

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