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Uniformed Patrol

Responds to emergency and non-emergency calls for service.

Investigates crimes and collects evidence.

Responds to traffic-related issues.

Apprehends suspects of crime and those with warrants.

Ensures safety of children at school.

Foster relationships with students.

Provide positive role model for youth.

Investigates crimes on school campus.

Works with Juvenile Crime Prevention to reduce crimes committed by youth.

Criminal Investigation

Investigates property, person's and financial crimes.

Oversees sexual offender and predator population in Putnam County.

Tracks career offenders.

Maintains evidence for court purposes.

Found/unclaimed property

Special Operations

Marine Unit and Dive Team

UAV (Drone) Unit

Hostage Negotiations


Street Crimes

Honor Guard

Reserve Program

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

Natural Reources/Agriculture Deputy

Provides assistance to victims of a crime.

Maintains contact during investigation to ensure victims are informed. 

Provides support to victims and those in trauma using a comfort dog.

Trained in narcotic detection, tracking and area searches.

Assigned K-9 to youth resources.

Assists patrol deputies.

Bloodhound team specializing in locating lost and missing persons.


Major Steve Rose


As the Director of Law Enforcement, Major Rose oversees patrol, criminal investigations, special operations, juvenile crime prevention and victim services.

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