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July 19, 2021 - Prolific felony offender Jamie Armstrong, 32, of Crescent City was arrested yesterday after attempting to flee deputies, resisting arrest and being bitten by a K9. Armstrong has an extensive history of burglary and larceny. Following his most recent release from jail Armstrong cut off his court-ordered ankle monitor. Since July 6, Armstrong has avoided contact with law enforcement and even fled from deputies on two occasions when they located him, once crashing a vehicle near a cemetery on San Mateo Road. During that incident, Deputy Sharp used K9 Jaeger in at attempt to track Armstrong, but was unsuccessful.

On Saturday Deputy Sharp and K9 Jaeger got another chance to apprehend Armstrong when an anonymous tip led deputies to a shed located on County Road 309. With Armstrong's previous history of running, deputies walked to the shed. Armstrong still attempting to flee by climbing a fence when Sgt. Merritt deployed his Taser. Armstrong was placed in handcuffs and as deputies walked him to a patrol vehicle, Armstrong pulled away from the deputies and began running toward a wooded area. Deputy Sharp deployed K9 Jaeger who tackled Armstrong, biting him on the shoulder.

Knowing he probably would not be getting out of jail anytime soon, Armstrong again ran from deputies, was caught and placed in leg restraints.

Armstrong's new charges include two counts of escape, one count of tampering with an electronic monitoring device, one count of resisting an officer and one count of drug equipment possession. Armstrong also has multiple burglary and larceny charges from 2020. His bond on those prior charges is revoked and he currently is in the Putnam County Jail. He is being held without bond.

We want to thank everyone who helped look for Armstrong. As we suspected, he has been busy since he left jail and more charges are expected.

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